Welcome to my plant based world!

Hi! My name is Kamala Ersson, and I’m an aspiring Dietitian with a passion for a whole foods plant based lifestyle! I recently relocated to Seattle, Washington, after spending the majority of my life in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. My ultimate goal is to become a Registered Dietitian and work in food policy. My hopes are to help be a part of creating a food system that supports a thriving, sustainable and rewarding life for the individual, the community and entire world at large. Through a whole foods plant based lifestyle, I have no doubt this dream can be realized.

My road to becoming a plant based…
My entire life I was always familiar with the vegan lifestyle. Raised by two vegan parents, I followed a vegetarian lifestyle. It wasn’t until Septemeber 2013 that the shift towards becoming fully plant based occurred. After having attended the VegFest 2013, in Portland and experiencing some fantastic, inspirational speakers, like Dr. John McDougal and Brenda Davis, RD., everything just clicked. Upon realizing the far reaching impacts of becoming vegan, from the healthful, economic, environmental and social, I felt compelled to do something. At that moment the single most important thing I could do was commit to eliminating all dairy and animal products from my life, on top of continuing to refrain from meat and all other animal products. Since then, I haven't looked back. I feel more energetic than ever, my immune system has drastically improved and the benefits of knowing I am living and supporting a sustainable and compassionate life through my food choices is beyond gratifying. 

My hope is that by sharing with you my passion, that it will inspire you, and others, to realize the beauty and all the benefits of this rewarding and plentiful lifestyle!!!